Hwy 4, Bacon Island in Stockton, CA

Job #3751

Job Description: The Hwy 4 project consisted of reconstruction of 8 drainage systems and shoulder widening on both the North and South side of Hwy 4. The intersections were reconfigured to accommodate the widening of the highway.   The installation of the 84 inch reinforced concrete pipe proved to be on of the most difficult aspects of the project. The intallation of this pipe required a full weekend shut down of the highway and BCPG crews worked around the clock to remove the existing drainage system and to replace it with a new larger system.

Additional Information: Due to State and County restrictions, the lion share of the work was put on hold until late 2014. Per the States request, the contract cold plane and repave was completed in May of 2014 to mitigate any public safety issues and to minimize State required maintenance.  84″ pipe was installed on the Hwy 4 project in January of 2015.