I-5 Sinkhole in Tracy

Project Description: Caltrans Maintenance crews discovered a 3′ diameter depression on Interstate 5 in Tracy. Upon the discovery, Bay Cities Paving & Grading was called to the scene to further investigate the cause of the depression. During the investigation it was determined that a 35′ deep sinkhole had formed, which caused the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans to close the entire NB direction of I-5. Bay Cities was then asked to perform an Emergency Contract with the state to excavate to the bottom of the sinkhole, remove the 40 year old abandoned irrigation pipeline that caved in, and backfill back to finish grade. While excavating in the NB direction it was discovered that the irrigation pipe had failed across the entire freeway, which resulted in the closure of the SB direction of I-5 as well. Bay Cities put all hands on deck and worked around the clock to repair the sinkhole and ensure that I-5 was structurally sound before opening to motorists.

More info about the I-5 Sinkhole in Tracy:

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