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We Have You Covered

From planes, trains and automobiles to hotels and classrooms, we’ve been laying the foundations of life with precision for over 70 years.

The Mission Behind Our Work and Our People.

For seven decades, Bay Cities Paving & Grading has built the roads and highways that support how society lives and moves. Our work brings vision and infrastructure to life, through an organization-wide commitment to quality, safety, and long-term value. Our people believe in what they do and who they do it for because, in the end, we cover what matters for today and tomorrow.

A Connected Team and Community

Every project stakeholder is considered a part of our team – employees, contractors, and customers; all working together to create a stronger community.

Unparalleled Opportunities

We believe in providing opportunity to all of our employees on their chosen career path, and to promote and support diversity in the workplace.

Measured Versatility

We work with our customers and contractors to research, support, and implement a variety of efficient and sustainable road construction practices.

Engaged Talent

Our entire team is committed to safety and excellence in the design and execution of our projects.

A Path of Respect

We promote a high standard of excellence across our organization, including the quality of our work, the strength of our relationships, and our conduct in the workplace and on the job.

Powered by MCE Deep Green 100% Renewable Energy

“We are fully committed to sustainable business and construction practices, with focus on reducing emissions across all scopes. We’ve switched to utilizing 100% renewable energy at our HQ and shop, and have begun using an electric fleet. We are part of an  ongoing effort involving the most recycled materials in the world: asphalt and concrete. Our goal is to decrease our impact on the environment, while supporting our communities.”

Ben L. Rodriguez, Jr.
President, Bay Cities
More About Our Commitment

We deliver public and private sector expertise and full-service operations in every line of business