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Emergency Work

When emergencies occur, Bay Cities has the means, know-how and experience to quickly respond. We’ve been on the scene for some of the most significant events in Bay Area history, from the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989 to the City of Richmond Via Verde Sinkhole in 2010. Within hours following the Loma Prieta quake, Bay Cities mobilized to the collapsed Cypress Freeway in Oakland, and provided the State of California with equipment and manpower to assist in rescue and recovery efforts.

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Related Services

Sink Hole Restoration

In Tracy, California we were contracted by Caltrans to close SB I-5 and repair a sink hole caused by a failed section of existing culvert. BCPG worked 24 hours a day to excavate 30' deep to replace the failed section and install structural backfill, AC pavement, and concrete pavement.

Flooding Remediation

A bridge on a major road in Orinda, California failed after heavy storms. This blocked the existing river, which then flooded adjacent properties. BCPG was hand-picked to assess the damage, provide expert advice on remediation, remove the existing bridge, and install a new culvert bridge.

Emergency Culvert Replacement

BCPG was called to Richmond, California to perform a $6M emergency reconstruction of the storm-damaged San Pablo Creek culvert. We excavated, installed a temporary soldier pile wall, removed the existing metal culvert, diverted the existing creek, and installed a new reinforced concrete box culvert.

Base Failure Repair

If you see a crack in the road, or a pot hole forming, it is because the existing material under the road is moving. Bay Cities has extensive experience removing these failed areas and installing new structural sections to ensure that roads are as smooth as when they were first installed.

Eroded Slope Repair / Control

A small fissure on the side of a hill can turn into a mudslide if not treated quickly and properly. BCPG's soil stabilization crews can assess an eroded slope and provide an immediate solution. We can install sheet plastic, fiber rolls, and jute netting, or completely reconstruct the entire slope.

Landslide & Mudslide Mitigation

The winter of 2023 brought unprecedented rain to the Bay Area, which saturated soil so completely that entire hillsides began to fail and slide. BCPG was Caltrans' main point of contact to clear slides and open closed thoroughfares. We also installed soil stabilization measures for future control.

By the Numbers

30 Feet The depth of excavation required to replace a section of SB I-5 that failed due to a sinkhole.
$6M The investment required for reconstruction of the storm-damaged San Pablo Creek culvert in Richmond.


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