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October 1, 2023  | Source: HCSS

UGM 2023 Highlights: Better Together; Estimating and Operations

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UGM 2023 Highlights: Better Together; Estimating and Operations (Bay Cities Paving & Grading)

If you need proof, ask any HCSS user. Bay Cities Paving & Grading is one of Northern California’s top providers of heavy civil paving, grading, underground, and infrastructure work. With a license for both HeavyBid and HeavyJob, as well as Equipment360, Dispatcher, Telematics, and HCSS Plans, their teams rely on the software to finish jobs on time and ensure profitability.

“It just plays out well,” says Ruby Athwal, Chief Administrative Officer for Bay Cities Paving. “It’s the flow of the integration of all the products that’s been the plus. Every piece that we’re adding is benefiting each layer.”

Athwal affirms that having HCSS behind all of their software solutions by saying, “I haven’t really come across a product that’s similar to HCSS.”

You can easily liken HCSS to a favorite superstore that specializes in every need for construction software solutions. If your company is using HeavyBid for estimating to win more bids and leave less money on the table, it’s only logical to make life easier by using HeavyJob for job costing, faster time cards, and solving numerous other pain points.

“If someone can conquer HeavyBid, HeavyJob is a breeze,” Athwal states when discussing the challenges of getting her workforce up to speed on the latest technology. “I don’t need instructions. It’s plug and play at that point.”
Athwal sitting down with HCSS to share her experience with HeavyBid and HeavyJob.
In fact, Bay Cities will regularly hire new employees who have experience using different planning software. The most common reaction after switching to HCSS is, “This one’s so much easier to use!”

Similar to many companies, she asserts that their main “source of truth” is their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In today’s times, with main business processes mediated by software and tech, the true integration Bay Cities loves is being able to use their ERP with HCSS.

“We call it our main source of truth,” Athwal says about HeavyJob. “That daily time card drives into our ERP where all the financials are held. So the fact that we’re able to set up people, equipment, [and] jobs there – it’s a game-changer.”

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