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October 1, 2023  | Source: HCSS

UGM 2023 Highlights: Everything Changed for These HeavyBid & HeavyJob Customers After Implementing HCSS Plans

This is an excerpt from an original article on the HCSS website (View Full Article Here).

From coast to coast, horizontal construction companies big and small are syncing multiple HCSS products to get jobs done faster with greater efficiency.

A heavy civil contractor in Northern California that’s been around since 1946 is Bay Cities Paving & Grading. During that time, they’ve grown to over 200 employees and use their own in-house fleet of equipment to handle road and freeway jobs that cover everything from paving and grading to sanitary, storm, and water work.

At the most recent HCSS Users Group Meeting, we caught up with Tom Warner, who serves as their Area Manager and has hands-on experience with HCSS products.

“HeavyJob allowed us to take control of our workforce by creating accurate quantity records and then performing daily cost analysis, allowing us to determine whether we’re on budget or modify our plan of attack if we are not,” Warner tells us.

Like many HCSS Customers, Bay Cities followed the pattern of implementing HeavyBid, then learning HeavyJob, and about five years back, ultimately adopting HCSS Plans.

“[HCSS] Plans allows me to get information to the field in a timely manner and ensure they have the most accurate information,” Warner continues. “Working with traditional paper plans, there’s room for error, and there’s no guarantee the foreman is always working off the current set. [I’m] able to provide them with the most current version of the plans, add my notes to the plans, annotate with any field directions or more insight they might need to do their job quickly, efficiently, and accurately.”

“Again, just by having the most up-to-date plan set and then being able to annotate the plans, even if a formal plan sheet has not been provided by the owner, you can create an annotation, attach a picture, [and] attach an email directive so that the field has that information without having to look in multiple places.”

Tom Warner, Area ManagerBay Cities Paving & Grading

tom warner bay cities paving

As for specific features, there is no shortage of great ones within HCSS Plans. Personally, one of Warner’s favorite aspects is the ability to compare sheets.

“Not only can you compare revisions on a single sheet – an older version versus the newer version – you can also compare cross sheets as well,” he says. “For example, you can identify if you’re going to have a conflict with your electrical line compared to your storm drain line.”

On that same note, eliminating rework has been one of the biggest advantages for Bay Cities’ management.

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